Thursday, May 13, 2010

WOhOooo mysimplifieds YAY!

Hey peeps!

Finally we are on of the easiest, made convenient site for bloggers like me to post up items for sale. Guess what? they are even helping in setting up PayPal for the users...minus all the hassle! Wat with the complicated and a zillion and one steps to register and me forgetting the so many passwords which I have, this works for me ^____^ Me likey ! And you can also list your items on the affiliated portals such as TIC (Tongue In Chic), KLUE, JUNK, etc. Me double likey!!

And these good guys are throwing in special promotion transaction fee on PayPal now...find out more on

Do support A Fish I Like on mysimplifieds ya :) Click on:

Oh yeah...we are one of the featured stores too! YAY!!!

Kairi + Peanut Butter