Thursday, May 13, 2010

WOhOooo mysimplifieds YAY!

Hey peeps!

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Kairi + Peanut Butter

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I don’t know about you…but my mornings are usually…chaotic. Almost every day, I will find myself tumbling out from the bed like a pile of pudding, sometimes accidentally landing on my furry kid aka The Dog. After a night of tug of war with The Dog for the blanket, we are usually quite sour with each other the next morning. Well, it doesn’t just end there, after shower it’s when my real ordeal starts. Being a girl, I am always faced with the I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome. Ransacking my closet, looking from girlie to edgy to happy colours there will be days when I could not put my hands on anything. While on most days, I do survive with my essential basic tank tops in almost all the colours you can imagine but even with these, I still find myself lacking of that eccentric feeling.

Starting with diligently patting on facial products, cautiously applying makeup, to dressing up in a pair of curvy-licious jeans, sleek black jacket or punk rock metal chain top, like any other girl, I just want to feel beautiful…and be beautiful! Well, don’t we all?

It’s not all the time we need to play by style or always be on the fast moving fashion lane. While, I do have my share of fun playing fashionista but for some days my style is not defined by era or high fashion celebrity taste, it's's beautiful dresses. Every girl will need a beautiful dress...if not today then some day. And when you do find yourself 'the' dress, take my word for it that you will fall head over heels in love, regardless of which style it is being defined in the fashion world.

Now, here’s a toast to BEAUTIFUL with a dollop of confidence ladies!



Close up

Cute puffed sleeves

UK 8 -12 (RM50)



Unique buttons

Looks like Sakura flowers...rite?

UK6-10 (RM40)



Classis dress that you will need to have it!

UK6 (RM45)



Fancy this on a Sunday?

UK4-6 (RM35)

Long Black


Perfect office dress!

UK8-10 (RM40)



A cute red one ^__^

UK8-12 (RM35)




Wanna play the sailor-look?

UK8-10 (RM45)


Kairi & Peanut Butter

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween ROX!

Halloween was a blast for me last weekend. It was a fun-filled Saturday with lotsa goodies, yummy muffins, awesome coffee, cute pumpkin lights, a lost bunny and a-not-so-scary grim reaper. We, vendors celebrated Halloween with A Shopaholic's Den at The Crest, 3 Two Square and of course with lotsa happy shoppers too :).

Both ASD and Fashionista's Bazaar definitely deserves the thumbs up in this event. I don't know about you, but organizing this bazaar in an excellent air conditioned area, good lighting, squeaky clean washrooms and simple yet 'champion' sound system filling up the place with happy-cheery music, what more can you ask for? I was a happy vendor there. Having said that, and not starting any bitchy ranting session, I noticed that some of the vendors were having some difficulties in finding their own booths. Perhaps we are being pampered by other organizers who will label the booths with our names/booking numbers but it will definitely minimize the hassle of having to refer to the floor plan and list of vendors which were printed on A4 size papers, pasted at the entrance of the bazaar.

Besides that, some of the customers and friends pointed out that the place was quite difficult to locate and there was no clear instructions indicating the location of the bazaar. Being a first timer visiting The Crest, I was a little bit lost too that morning but having my 'walking GPS' aka the boyfriend around, it was not an issue for me *winkz*. Maybe some banners or flyers might help in this case :).

Vendors or I would prefer to refer them as young entrepreneurs are getting more creative by the day. Throwing contest to win tickets to the All American Reject (AAR) concert and displaying their own custom made halloween props was a success in drawing attention from the crowd. Bravo to the girls from Bikini Republic! Check out the pictures below ya...I absolutely fell in LOVE with the cute white casper look-alike dollie but too bad it ain't for sale :(. Another excellent win-win cooperation I have witnessed in this event was the participation from Bad Ass Coffee. Not only they promoted their delicious coffee, bagels and doughnuts, they also provided their lunch-in service for the vendors. Imagine this => Bad Ass guy walk around with the menu, vendors order their lunch and wola! lunch will be delivered to your booth...steaming hot. One word, brilliant.

Although the crowd kinda dispersed during noon time (no thanks to the rain!) and I just about managed to cover the rental. All in all, it was a rather good day. I will definitely return for the next ASD event *Griinz* To my regular customer (you know who you are), thank you for making time to visit me at the event. And I hope you love all the dresses you bought :D. If you are reading this, remember to get your fishie discount card from me next time...I will safeguard it for now ya...eheheheheh :P. time!

Da place!

Floor plan & List of vendors

Squeaky clean washrooms (p/s: this is the gents & I did not snoop in to take the pic)

Cute props

'Champion' sound system

Bikini Republic

Da Witch!

Da Oh-So-Cute Dollie!

I see 3 arses you? Ehehehe

Bad Ass guy taking order

Costumes! Costumes!!!

Da Lost Bunny!

Da Lost Grim Reaper!



Kairi + Peanut Butter

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a SpOoOky Oooky shopping spree are right we are gonna celebrate Halloween in a bigger and louder way this year, of cos with goodies, colours and everything nice! *WaahahahAHAAH*

Come join us at the ASD Halloween party happening at The Crest, 3 Two Square. If you need more information or the map to this party, please go here

A Fish I Like will be at booth # 69, remember to drop by and bring along your fishie discount card ya!


Kairi + Peanut Butter

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How was your weekend?

'How was your weekend?' ehehehe mine was good...could be better though...but it's all good :D

My weekend was spent at the LelongLelong bazaar in Asia Cafe SS15, the weather was suprisingly heat stroke...OK rite? The booths are covered with canopies with only a few left unshaded but a little bit of sun tanning is healthy I reckon :P There were a lot of familiar faces so it practically felt like gathering of vendors for me...I guess I can say that this bazaar is getting substantial support from us.

The organizer is briliant in securing Asia Cafe as the venue, the place is strategically located, visible for pedestrians and students are seen flooding the place all the time (I see the same customers returning to this place for 2 days in a row, taking their time browsing and surveying the goodies and pricing) With this kind of visibility and with the power of WOM (word of mouth), getting good response from customers is a breeze compared to some bazaars which are hidden in some buildings *thumbs up for Biatch Bible*

Though the place was swarmed with people, sales did not come easy. With mostly customers being students, they were excellent in their negotiating skills...better than me when I was a student donkey years ago AHAHAHAH!

For this bazaar, I made a very last minute booking, so I was not given much choice for the booth selection. I got the last I took it without checking the floor plan. Came that Saturday morning, I wanted to dig a hole and just disappear beneath my booth when I saw my very-near-just-opposite neighbour was one of the big players in vintage clothing...NoOo...I was dejected. Looking at their well equipped, full range of vintage and crazy pricing...I felt like a tiny ant, just about to be squashed. Well, I don't know how and I don't know why but I survived. In fact, I dare say that my sales was better than theirs. Although it doesn't mean anything to them (they didn't look like they care), most probably they were being invited to participate in the bazaar for FREE and they have gotten their return of investment long ago but I felt good. I realized that it was silly of me to be afraid of them. Afterall, we are all vendors.

Like many other bazaars these days, LelongLelong is also adopting the green factor which is to encourage no usage of plastic bags. Unfortunately, many vendors were still using plastic bags, even when clearly some customers were already bringing their own eco-friendly bags or carrying shopping bags, big enough to fit a house! I wish vendors will take a moment to reflect on our role in supporting this go green policy and not just faking it solely for the credit of their names.

That's all on my little unofficial post mortem...Sorry folks, no pictures this round, my photographer ran away to compete for his paintball tournament >.<

Next up, watch out for a big SpOoOky event end of this month.


Kairi + Peanut Butter